Training is demanding. It takes everything – time, money, patience and care. Although most of these things are general and you adapt your needs to your lifestyle there is one thing that quite often goes forgotten. Correct nutrition.

This can mean anything like a simple dietary adjustment, such as not so many biscuits and a little less sugar in your tea. To make sure that everything you use during a session is replaced, you may need to consume more protein to check that stores are topped up for the repairing phase, Joints need extra helpto look after the serious athletes knees or the beginner with an injury, your macro and micro nutrients need to be replenished to keep the endless list of tiny changes occuring correctly and of course sometimes we all need that extra boost of energy or nudge of help with our metabolism!

Our most popular brands are Phd, Reflex, Powerbar, USN and Boditronics. We sell the entire range of each. If you are not sure what you need, then feel free to have a conversation with a member of staff on 01622 683388. To order you will need to make your payment upfront to a member of staff and it will be placed on the order sheet, or send a cheque through the post with correct details of product and contact details to inform of when your protein has arrived.